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They have never known a world without Ipads, laptops, or cellphones. They are connected 24/7, 365 days a year. So how do today’s educators connect to this tech-savvy group?

We need to build rapport. relationships. respect. 

If we ban cellphones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices from our classrooms, we are taking away (almost) everything they know. Instead, we should focus on creating a progressive learning environment that respects technology and its place in the 21st century classroom.

Generation Z students need visual literacy. They enjoy stimulation, and crave constant feedback. They are also extremely skilled at using technology.

So, how can we adapt to these digital natives?

By thinking outside the box. Create a graphic novel together as a class, chronicling the year together. Instead of writing a paper, encourage students to write a wiki. Instead of a writer’s notebook, set up an online blog (such as wordpress) where students can comment on each others work.

There are so many amazing FREE online resources that appeal to Generation Z’s.  You can find some of them on my Resources page.




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A Universal Design for Learning allows educators to meet the learning needs of all students. By incorporating a variety of learning modalities, teachers are able to engage students, and increase comprehension.

So how do educators incorporate UDL into their teaching practice? To me, the simplest way is to use technology. Utilizing web-based technologies such as YouTube, Skype, and Kurzweil provide a new dimension of interactivity and depth to a lesson. Furthermore, by using the IPad as a teaching tool, teachers can organize lessons, download fun and educational apps for the classroom, and store presentations that are ready to go and easily accessible.  To me, this seems a lot easier than lugging around a giant resource binder!