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1.Cut, copy and paste information from the internet.

2.Maybe change a few words or sentences.

3. Hand in to your “unassuming” teacher.

4. Prepare to either be lectured on plagiarism, or receive misguided praise for your seemingly brilliant mind.

I do not see the value in copying and pasting other author’s work from the internet and claiming it as our own. In the primary grades, educators allow students to haphazardly copy and paste multiple author’s works and create a report or paragraph-some are even displayed in the hall! Then, once students reach intermediate grades, teachers reprimand for copying and pasting and accuse students of cheating the system and plagiarizing. ¬†We are creating confusion! Instead, why not show students how to properly cite work, and challenge students to use their creative, intelligent minds to think about their subject and write something meaningful.