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Off the trail

Posted: December 1, 2013 in The root of the matter
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“…mathematics teaching which possesses an ecological sensibility also provokes an awakening for that which is yet unknown. This kind of awareness re-cognizes mathematical environments, mathematics, teaching and learning to be coemergent events, events that can only be brought forth as they occur moment-to-moment.”


As the first four months of term come to a close, I find myself more open and accepting of mathematics than I have ever felt in my twenty six years of life.  This class has been so interesting and unique: I admit that I expected to be given full lesson examples and ‘real world training’ like so many of my other teacher education courses. This never happened, and I am so very thankful and appreciative I was given a different experience. Jennifer’s job is to push us to think about how we, as future educators, are going to teach our students; why we will teach certain concepts, and how our perspective affects our students. Our goal should not be to become a replica of Jennifer and teach her activities (for that is robotic); our goal should be to take the knowledge we all acquired during our 4 months together and connect it to our individual teaching philosophies and then create holistic teaching activities that are meaningful, connected, and leave our students wanting more. This is one of my goals.