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Mathematics is not something we have to look up to. It is right in front of us, at our fingertips, caught in the whorl of patterns of skin, in the symmetries of the hands, and in the rhythms of blood and breath. -David Jardine

This quote is a summation of how I view mathematics. Mathematics is a part of our existence. It is everything and everywhere.

We need to start teaching mathematics in an integrative manner, instead of making it a distinct and separate entity. As such, this chapter has three main themes:

1: Connecting math to the physical world; connecting students with the five senses so that they can see, hear, feel, taste and touch math.

2: Connecting students’ personal experiences and families to the curriculum.

3: Connecting the teacher to the curriculum and then to the students.

These themes are not separate; they are rooted within each other and should be embedded within the mathematical curriculum. I must admit, I am a bit overwhelmed by these themes, as it puts a great responsibility on the teacher: Will I be able to teach math in a way that makes these connections and provides meaning for the students?