Help Wanted

Posted: November 28, 2013 in The root of the matter




“…Educators need to “dig up” their current mathematics mindset and re-root it in a place that stems from meaning and interconnectedness. This could look like students and educators teaching and learning from each other, in order to make mathematics meaningful outside the classroom environment. We feel that an understanding of mathematics is gained from being shown the relationships between other systems and mathematics, and how they are interwoven and inextricably linked to one another.”

-Joanna Lake and Matt Roy

Matt and I presented our analysis of “Help Wanted” today. I felt that everyone in class understood our perspective, and we received some good feedback from the class (I think they appreciated that we included a unit plan!)

Thom’s chapter entitled “Help Wanted” is a plea for educators to look deeply within themselves and change their previous ways of teaching in order to change how we teach mathematics in the classroom.  It is wonderful for administration to push and manifest change; however, surface change (ie: different material, personalized learning) is short-changing the system. If educators push themselves to approach a subject from a different perspective, that’s when the magic happens.

And we all love magic. 



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