Posted: November 10, 2013 in Write on!


Hot, hot, hot! I am enamoured by the concept of HOT writing, and I want to tell everyone about it (to the dismay of my friends, I already have).

So what exactly is hot writing? No, it is not writing a sexy letter for your latest celebrity crush, nor is it writing about hot topics in the news. Hot writing is as follows:

  • You are given 2-3 minutes to write
  • You must write about the given prompt (eg: When I was younger I would hate it when…)
  • Your pen or pencil must NOT leave the page
  • If you get stuck, you must write YES until you find a word in your mind that you can write down (eg: My name is Joanna and I like yes, yes, I like my cat Gandalf because he is the fluffiest beastie cat and he yes, yes, yes loves to bat me on the nose in the morning)
  • You should be scribbling so furiously, that smoke comes off of your page (HOT!)

Try it out. You will be hooked. Then go try it with your class. Although hot writing is not for kindergarten or grade 1, you could adapt the lesson by having a class discussion (sharing circle) where the teacher gives the prompts and the students think of what they want to say then share with the class, or with partners.

Stay hot.

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